Petroleum is used in manufacturing a wide variety of materials,[11] and it is estimated that the world consumes about 95 million barrels each day.Its other main uses are for bituminous waterproofing products, including production of roofing felt and for sealing flat roofs.[3] .

The yellow-to-black liquid found in geological formations beneath the Earth's surface. It is commonly refined into various types of fuels  The name petroleum covers both naturally occurring unprocessed crude oil and petroleum products that are made up of refined crude oil.

Mission statements –  PetroGain, Petroleum will mostly been recovered by oil drilling (natural petroleum springs that are rare). Our Gold will be completely refined and rich. Our Gold deposit will be filter worldwide .

Company policies – The Drilling is carried out after our structural geology scale. Our burning of fossil fuels will not take any part of current episode in global warming. This is a good place to talk to us.

Executive Profiles – Our company is strong as its executive leadership.  PetroGain, will be Mining Gas, Gold, Building Media, Mining and Smelting, , plant in Iraq and Canada. 

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 We Are Developing Technology That Converts Stranded Natural Gas Into Synthetic Gasoline>

Popular Oil Brand with the worlds best engines.

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